Covid Protocol

These requirements are required by the facility(s) based on the Public Health Order dated September 2, 2021 and October 4, 2021 as well as other supporting public health documentation, all of which is subject to

a. Hand Sanitization – All event workers/organizers, performers, guests, etc. must sanitize
their hands at entrance to the facility. All event workers/organizers must adhere to proper
hand hygiene protocols throughout the course of their access to the facility.

b. Immunization – All event workers, performers, guests, etc. must be fully
immunized against Covid-19
requiring all individuals to provide proof of vaccination before gaining access to the
facility, excluding the following:

• Individuals who produce proof from the Government of Manitoba that there is a
medical reason for the person not to receive a vaccine for Covid-19
• Youth performers under the age of 18
• Guests under the age of 12

c. Face Masks – All event workers, performers, guests, etc., 5 years of age or
older, must where a properly fitting face mask covering their mouth, nose and chin
without gapping, at all times while in the facilities, excluding individuals during the course
of their performance and those individuals with a medical condition unrelated to Covid-19
that prevents them from doing so.

d. Physical Distancing – All event workers, performers, guests, etc. must adhere to 2m spacing except when seated in the auditorium.

e. Food Service – No consumption or service of food and/or beverage is permitted within
the facility or on facility grounds other than personal use water bottles.